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Autotask (now Datto) makes the world’s leading IT business management software. Their innovative suite of services is used by managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals in more than 9,000 companies across 90+ countries. They continue to lead the charge in creating innovative MSP-centric solutions that protect mission-critical business data and empower SMBs with enterprise-level technology. 

But as their team and market geography continued to grow, how could they tactically increase brand awareness, marketing effectiveness, and sales at an international scale?


Dragon360 worked hand-in-hand with Autotask’s leadership to create a unified sales and digital marketing strategy by implementing a comprehensive four-stage funnel fed by paid media and content.

To best identify and implement marketing opportunities in 90+ countries and 7 languages, we started with building the foundation of our lead generation machine.

We mapped key pieces of content to customers at each stage of the funnel—awareness, interest, decision, action—and identified any gaps to be filled. Then, we incorporated a wide range of marketing assets specific to each media platform and stage of the IT buying process to help move potential customers further down the funnel. 

Autotask’s previous media set-up did not allow for data-driven decision-making. So, we overhauled their analytics and reporting to focus on metrics that would drive business impact. 

Then, we created a digital advertising campaign tailored by language and geographical region across display, social, search, Gmail, YouTube, and retargeting.

We identified potential customers by building brand awareness through search, YouTube, and Gmail, and employed mid-funnel stage tactics that nurtured active leads with content promotion and smart retargeting. These tactics resulted in high-quality leads with a low cost per acquisition, particularly on social media.

To continue further growth, we also did extensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) across by running multivariate landing page tests and making user experience recommendations to streamline the user journey.

A unified sales and marketing strategy in 90 countries and 7 languages


Overall, we helped implement a unified sales and marketing strategy powerful enough to drastically increase Autotask’s marketing-driven revenue, but also flexible enough to be effective adapted to any of their markets across the world.


return on ad spend


increase in MQLs


increase in avg conversion rate


increase in paid-media-driven revenue