Winning Social Media Ads for Political Campaigns

Length: 33:44

Don’t wait until it’s too late to build an effective political ads campaign on social media. Learn why candidates are ditching their direct mail campaigns, and going straight where the voters are.

  • Target specific lists of registered voters
  • Show each audience a tailored message
  • Measure results in real-time as the election approaches

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Are you letting the greatest advancement in political campaign advertising pass you by?

Political ad campaigns.

Newspapers, radio and TV advertising reach audiences who are drawn to that particular publication or show. Social media advertising campaigns, however, hyper-target individuals based on criteria much more granular than traditional media.

Welcome to 2015! No election cycle will ever be the same.

Insight into the Future of Political Ads

Our webinar on Winning Social Media Ads for Political Ad Campaigns will zoom in on what should be considered, and a taste of truly effective strategy and tactics that can be implemented.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Determining if your audience is on social media and where they are
  • Social channels vs. traditional channels
  • Getting started with running campaigns

Hosted by Ralph Legnini, Senior Creative Strategist.
Moderated by Abe Uchitelle, SVP of Business Development at Dragon360.

This Webinar on social media ads for political campaigns addresses a wide scope of information that will all contribute to success. Social media advertising is on the rise and will continue to become the difference maker as we move forward to the next election cycle – and beyond.

The webinar begins with a discussion of recent trends in internet usage, and tendencies by different age groups on social media. Additionally, we explore the ‘second screen’ phenomenon and attention spans, and how potential voters can be more influenced by political items they see and engage with on social media than they would be by the same message viewed on a news cast, or in the press.

The Key Strategic & Tactical Elements

As the presentation progresses, the focus turns from these statistics to a comprehensive overview of what a candidate or campaign team must consider when initiating and managing a hyper-targeted and aggressive social media political ad campaign. We chose Facebook as the prime social media network to discuss because of its deep data bank of profiling characteristics, the variety of ad tactics available, the diversity of its users – especially in the ages most likely to vote – and the favorable cost of ad spend.

The webinar moves through the various interacting components of Facebook advertising, from the implementation of a large-scale ‘Like’ campaign, to types of other ads, and the value of ‘Boosted Posts’ in conjunction with ads served on a timeline, sidebar, and mobile devices.

We look at how to view data, monitor results, move spend to the highest performing ads, revise ad content, and target the desired voter segments within a 24/7 intensive work flow as the political campaign picks up speed. The ‘set and forget’ approach will not be effective in the political social media advertising world!

The creative elements are critical, including the use of atypical images and copy designed to elicit the click through to the additional targeted and more expanded messaging. We explain how to touch the passion points, and how to get votes to move across party lines. The skill of doing this will be what separates a pedestrian approach from a thoughtful, inventive, and creative advertising strategy that a savvy digital marketer will bring into the political campaign.

The Road to a Win Can Go Through Dragon360

Dragon360 is available to consult with campaign managers and evaluate their needs and goals along with budgetary elements necessary to accomplish what has to be done. Every campaign is unique in many ways, and we design social media advertising to reflect those elements and get the ultimate desired result – a win on Election Day!

There are no second chances – or do-overs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to initiate the conversation on the political social advertising for your candidate’s upcoming election.

Give us a call at (845) 383-0890, email us at, or submit our contact form here.

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