eCommerce Advertising Trends & Tactics for Holiday Shopping Success

Dominate Your Competition this Shopping Season

Length: 47:46

For any eCommerce site, seasonality can be your best friend (or worst enemy if you miss the boat). In this exclusive webinar for eCommerce advertising and marketing we discuss the following:

  • Latest consumer shopping trends that will impact your 2015 sales
  • Specific tactics such as Google Shopping, YouTube ads, and dynamic remarketing that capitalize on these trends for each part of the buying cycle
  • Ways to increase the Total Lifetime Value of your customers for success beyond the busy season

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Are you prepared for this year’s shopping season?

Seasonal eCommerce success begins months before the shopping season.

Maybe you need Black Friday to put your numbers back in the black or maybe your bottom line hinges on back-to-school shopping. The best eCommerce strategies go beyond the traditional maintenance activities, instead focusing on using the data in your account to improve results beyond what you previously thought possible. Learn how this is possible, and start thinking about your next busy season before it’s too late.

Dominate Your Competition this Shopping Season!

Hosted by Andy Groller, VP of Digital Advertising at Dragon360.
Moderated by Abe Uchitelle, SVP of Business Development at Dragon360.

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