DragonTweet – Advanced Twitter Plugin for WordPress

DragonTweet Advanced Twitter Plugin is a WordPress social media plugin that allows you to fully optimize and customize your tweets so that when readers share content from your blog post they will have maximum reach.  Using DragonTweet, you can create blog post-specific Twitter messages complete with hashtags, @ tags, set global defaults such as ending each Tweet with “via @YourHandle”, customizable recommendation to follow Twitter accounts or a default follow recommendation for “@YourAccount”. The complete list of options is under the Features section below.

Screenshot of writing a customized tweet using DragonTweet, the advanced Twitter WordPress plugin.

You can write customized tweets, including hashtags and @ tags by using DragonTweet

Why use the DragonTweet Advanced Twitter PlugIn for Social Sharing?


  1. Customize the full body of the default tweet for each post, including the addition of hashtags, @ tags, and more.
  2. Customize preferred “via” Twitter handle(s)
  3. Recommend Twitter accounts to follow that the user will see in the window after posting a tweet.
  4. User your own custom URL if desired.
  5. Choose location and size of Twitter button
  6. Set use of Twitter counter
  7. Set default or customize the “via” username
  8. Set default follower recommendations
    With DragonTweet Advanced Twitter Plugin for WordPress you can enter Twitter accounts as recommendations to follow.

    You can enter Twitter handles as recommendation to follow in the DragonTweet plugin. The list of recommendations to follow will come up after the user tweeted your content.

We highly recommend using the DragonTweet Advanced Twitter Plugin in tandem with an SEO Plugin such as All in One SEO Pack so that you can customize the blog post title, the page title and meta data.

Download the plugin from WordPress.org.

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