Are You the Digital Marketing Associate Dragon360 is Searching the World For?

Dragon360 is looking for a digital marketer who can integrate your talents with our innovative team.

Are you the unique individual who has some marketing skills, life experiences, and creativity that you can put into our mix? Are you ready to join a team of savvy digital marketers who are driven to push envelopes, break boundaries, and ride at the very tip of the wave? If your answer is an enthusiastic Dragon roar that resonates and echoes a big YES – then take in the panoramic view of the specifics below and decide if you are ready to become the newest difference maker in all of our 360° digital marketing initiatives at Dragon360.

What’s in it for you:

Who you are:

A unique individual who doesn’t even consider getting bored with anything you do. Diversity of clients and exploring new territory are all parts of the day you love. You crave the company of a team filled with interactivity and creative flow. There is a 360° component to your entire being and THAT aligns perfectly with our agency’s approach to digital marketing. You are someone who will embrace comprehensive digital marketing as you learn about the interaction of tech, video, content, outreach, paid advertising, web development, CRO, UX, branding, and creative. In addition, you will find the ‘sweet spot’ where overlaps of these elements enhance the big picture of successful marketing.

What you’ll do:

There’s some incredible people – and even more incredible talent at Dragon360 – and the opportunities to test your might and grow your skills is unparalleled. Be sure to include a cover letter with your resume that shows who you are, where you want to be headed, and why your personality and skills make you the Dragon we’re looking for!