Are you shopping for a social media monitoring tool? Are you dissatisfied with a tool you’re already using? Pay close attention to what you need to monitor and the way that the tool allows you to specify what to monitor in order to get results that you need to succeed.

There are many social media monitoring tools available and it is hard to choose software that will best fit your needs. One feature that is often overlooked in product data sheets or reviews of social monitoring tools is how robust the functionality is that sets the criteria for exactly which social mentions to collect and monitor. A tool with a powerful Boolean search query feature will provide not only flexibility for varied types of monitoring, but allows precision that saves time and money. No one wants to waste effort weeding through irrelevant results or paying for more data than what you really need.

We wrote this white paper to help you understand Boolean search terms. We will show some social media monitoring tool comparisons of how they implement their query of social mentions, and how important they are to effective social media monitoring.


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Choosing a social media monitoring tool is far more complex than just seeing that they monitor social networks and other sources on the internet. Being able to drill down to precisely what you want to monitor and not open the flood gates with irrelevant results saves time, effort and money, and makes the analysis of the results more accurate and effective. For more ideas on how to select a social media monitoring tool, visit the Dragon360 blog for A Comparison of Social Media Monitoring Tools: The Search for the Holy Grail.