Social Media Marketing

For the general public, social media networks are fun and interesting ways to connect and communicate. For a digital marketing agency they are tools of the trade, to be integrated within a holistic marketing strategy to help reach business outcomes, and to showcase the individuality of each client.

Marketers can no longer choose if their brand is part of the conversation – they can only choose to participate.

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Connecting your voice to your most desired audience – take control of a key step in the customer journey.

Dragon360 social strategies go well beyond just community management and vanity metrics of followers, comments, and shares. Harnessing the power of influencers and content, we focus on reaching your target market and engaging them in a way that leads to business outcomes ranging from prospecting to retention.

This approach becomes even more powerful when combined with social media advertising to promote and amplify your brand’s message to that audience.

Focusing on foundational elements to any successful social strategy, Dragon360 is your brand partner when it comes to helping develop personas and messaging to engage niche audiences within that larger target market. This creative, branding element is a core component to “the bigger picture” of engaging folks throughout the customer journey.