The standard Google Analytics installation is typically fast and easy; however it does not take into account specific needs and goals of your organization or business. It is simply set to track website traffic statistics without knowing your business model, aquisition channels, and customer journey. Until you set up Google Analytics to fit your needs, you can’t count on clean data – or the actionable metrics you need to run your business.

Alongside your analytics, Google Tag Manager goes one step further – a full system of tagging and tracking users as the move through each stage of the customer journey. A simple system for marketers to align with their campaigns – without putting in a support ticket to your IT team every time you need a new tag added.

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Analytics and Tag Manager are the key to gaining a full view of your marketing performance and customer journey.

Accurate and actionable data is what you need to make these critical business decisions. During an analytics audit or setup, our team of certified Google Analytics experts conducts an in-depth review and analysis of your website analytics in order to take your tracking to the next level.

If you’re ready to begin receiving more accurate website statistics within your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to start making critical business decisions based off of accurate and actionable data, our team is ready to take the deep dive into your marketing funnel. We can help bring order and analysis to your website’s content, traffic, UX, and overall customer journey.