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Our team does not keep our digital marketing secrets to ourselves. We believe that knowledge of marketing adds value to a business and to the lives of customers. Our company flourishes because of interaction of skilled and experienced digital marketing professionals who share their thoughts, ideas, tips, and expertise with each other every day.

So we have to share what we know– it is a fundamental part of our company culture at Dragon360.

As an individual, a small business, and as a household name brand or a marketing community of industry peers – we want you to learn from our broadcast of resourceful, pertinent and current digital marketing information. It is part of our mission here at Dragon360.

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Digital Marketing Webinars – In these workshops we will explain, in detail, actionable strategies and tasks that can be easily understood and recreated for your own marketing efforts.

Marketing Strategy Templates

Social Media Strategy Template Library – These are worksheets/templates to help you create an effective social media marketing strategy and include worksheets for effectively setting social media goals and objectives, map out metrics, and brainstorm audience “micro-segments,” to find communities and luminaries to engage.

Social Media ROI Calculator

Social Networking Media ROI Calculator – A calculator intended to provide a framework for approaching the problem of determining whether the cost of social media would provide return to the organization.

White Paper

Illustration from our Boolean Search White Paper

Boolean Search in Social Media Monitoring Tools
– This free White Paper by Jannette Wing Pazer describes why and how to use social media monitoring tools, how to build boolean queries, and demonstrates the importance of the boolean search functionality in such tools.


  • Social Marketologyan advanced book that dives into the social media marketing process providing a structured framework for creating effective and measureable social media campaigns.


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