Facebook Advertising

Just a few years ago Facebook wasn’t thought of as being a mainstream digital advertising channel. Today, it’s one of the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal, with significant enhancements to targeting, measurement, and ad units.

Running everything from retargeting to dynamic product ads to content marketing amplification, Dragon360 team of paid social experts leverage Facebook and 3rd party targeting platforms such as Acxiom to deliver strong ROI for clients. Unlike PPC, where this is a stronger intent behind the consumer, Facebook advertising takes a certain finesse to deliver these results.

This is a platform where the viewer does not want to be ‘advertised to’. They need to be delivered something of value to them to inspire their ad click. Or perhaps something somewhat mysterious that connects with their curiosity, and sends them to a landing page created just for their profiled persona to interact with. Our team identifies the best audiences and hyper-targets them with ads creatively designed just for them.

That’s why we break your Facebook advertising campaign into two components – creative design sprint, and an ongoing day-to-day management phase. A number of individual ads are developed based on thorough research and feedback about your target audience. A/B testing is incorporated from the onset and the social audience will quickly decide which ads have the best relevance to them. Ad revision is constant and ongoing, monitoring, tweaking, adding and subtracting, as well as moving the ad spend within the individual live ad campaigns to drive the best results possible.

Our paid social team is inventing the strategies that others are still thinking about and experimenting with.

Create, connect and convert each segment of the desired audience – that’s what we do – and we have been able to have success within all ranges of social media advertising budgets. Please get in touch with us – and we can review some fantastic success stories with you, and explain in detail how we can make Facebook advertising work for you.

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