Social Media Advertising that Drives Growth

Even in today’s marketing world, organizations are still hesitant about social media advertising. We hear it all the time – “Social just doesn’t work for us,” or “Social won’t impact our bottom line.” Those statements may have been valid a few years ago, but today we consider social media advertising to be a critical component to any digital strategy, seamlessly interwoven into the customer journey.

Consumers and businesspeople alike divulge information about their interests, their professional role, their affiliations and more – all of this is data that we use for hyper-selective targeting on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, somewhere, someone is sharing information on social that indicates that their interests and passions tie into your brand – and they’re your next customer.

From growing your social community to amplifying content marketing efforts to driving bottom of the funnel leads or sales, social advertising should play a huge role in your digital strategy. As your marketing partner, Dragon360 helps integrate social ads into a holistic marketing plan that exceeds the goals you set out to achieve.

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