Move Prospects Down Funnel with Retargeting Ads

Retargeting can be the most efficient channel in your marketing plan if done right. However, if done poorly, it can alienate prospects and customers, while wasting crucial marketing dollars. Understanding the path to purchase and messaging needed to move prospects down funnel is what makes or breaks a retargeting strategy. This is where Dragon360 sets itself apart from others in the digital advertising industry.

Creating unique, niche audiences based on the numerous touchpoints of the customer journey, Dragon360 crafts retargeting strategies that combine the power of branding, content marketing, and direct response to drive pipeline and revenue growth. The audience combinations that can be created are endless, but some of our go-to’s include:

  • All website visitors
  • “Sticky” website traffic
  • Social media engagers
  • Cart abandoners
  • Converters segmented by funnel stage and content
  • Email audiences exported from your CRM and marketing automation tool
  • Current customers

As diverse as these audiences are, so is our messaging and calls to action. This is why retargeting prospects via social advertising is drastically different than on search.

Is your retargeting strategy broken out by audience and platform? Is it aligned with your marketing funnel and sales cycle? If not, it’s time to turn this channel into one of the most effective tactics in your digital marketing portfolio.

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