Audience-Focused Display Advertising

Branding or direct response? Native or traditional banners? Programmatic or placement buys?

There are so many variables that go into successful display advertising, ranging from goals to ad formats to targeting, that the opportunities are endless for engaging your target audience as they browse the web. Making sense of these variables and turning them into a deliberate, customer-journey focused strategy is what sets Dragon360 apart from other agencies. ds-ppc-buying-cycle

One of the first steps we take in any display strategy is understanding your marketing funnel and the path to purchase that ultimately leads a customer from awareness through to sale.

Based on this funnel, our team researches and identifies key market segments to target and helps craft the messaging required to move a potential customer down funnel. Combined with retargeting ads and PPC to capture demand, Dragon360 display advertising tactics result in a healthy pipeline that produces brand and business growth.

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