A/B and Multivariate Testing Services

Why do people navigate through a website the way they do? What entices them to make an action? How can we persuade our website’s visitors to do more of what we want them to do?

People are hard to predict. But with over a decade of experience in website usability, Dragon360 can make hypotheses that lead to large scale experiments with the goal of improving conversion rates and engagement.

Sometimes small changes from the color of a button, the accompanying illustration, or a line of text can have an impact on conversions. Other times, in-line and secondary calls to action are the right ingredients to moving a prospect to the next stage of the customer journey. Although some experiments may only result in a few percentage points improvement, a program of continuous improvement can often result in a significant impact to a business’s bottom line.

Dragon360 uses a suite of onsite testing tools that are customized and deployed based on the goals of the experiment and your tech stack. As data is collected and becomes statistically significant, we provide results of the experiment and next steps towards implementation through either our web developers or your in-house resources. Lastly, we provide structure in the testing process – either the next iteration of the same experiment, or a completely new one focused on making your website work harder for you.

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