CONTENT MARKETING: Planning & Execution

Your content marketing should be driven by a targeted and integrated marketing strategy to meet your overall business objectives. Very often, organizations add pages to their website, make changes to their current copy, create videos, and blog on a variety of topics – but those tactics and actions are not governed by an overall strategic content marketing plan that starts with desired outcomes and builds out from there.

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Target content to the desired audience at the right time and in the right format.

Content should be centered around the following:

  • Your customer journey
  • Nurturing potential prospects and brand advocates
  • Channeling your brand voice in written content
  • Your line of products

Whether you are a major consumer brand or niche B2B industry leader, Dragon360 can sculpt an actionable content plan specifically for you. Our SEO expertise means that everything created follows the most effective optimization best practices, and we can expand the reach by incorporating social media marketing, targeted influencer outreach, and a PPC plan that brings more focused attention directly to your content.