Case Study

B2B eCommerce Targeting Fashion, Industrial & Design Buyers

Summary of Results
  • 500%+ Return on Ad Spend
  • 87% increase in eCommerce conversion
  • 490% increase in revenue
Services Used
PPCConversion Optimization

Client Background:

Dragon360 client is a major player in the color standards industry, serving customers in fashion, industrial design, graphic design, print, cosmetics, and more. Selling direct through their eCommerce website, our client’s products range from high price-point items used by small to large businesses, to low price-point items geared towards marketing the brand’s broad appeal with consumers.

B2B eCommerce targeting Fashion, Industrial, and Design

With all eCommerce campaigns there is a consistent battle to drive up Average Order Value (AOV), as this metric can make a huge impact on the bottom line.

The Challenge:

With a very wide range of products appealing to consumers and professionals alike, an eCommerce model would need to be built out that reflected the client’s product mix and range of demographic targets. Aggressive growth targets were our objective, and a carefully scoped out set of benchmarks would be our ongoing reporting channel indicating success and missed opportunities early in the campaign.

Our Solution:

The Results:

500%+ Return on Ad Spend increase for B2B eCommerce client.

Our advertising and conversion optimization strategy and tactics resulted in a 500%+ Return on Ad Spend for our B2B eCommerce client.

We’re still going strong; our campaigns continue to drive results and we’re now managing our client’s campaigns in three European multi-country regions.


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