by Steven LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch

According to a report by MediaWeek, your Yahoo! Costs per Click are about to rise – an average of 22% – due to the recently expanded Yahoo-Google partnership.

The article suggests that the new Google partnership, which brings more of Google’s search technology to Yahoo!, will enable Yahoo! to profit more off of keywords, through Google’s uber-profitable search technology.

This will be especially true for certain keywords, such as long tails, which Google has been very profitable with. Yahoo! has struggled with long-tails.

If you’re advertising in Yahoo!, this is cause for concern. It could have a significant impact on your campaigns and margins.

Here at DragonSearch one thing is for certain – we’ll be sure to keep a VERY close eye on our Yahoo! campaigns over the coming weeks. If you’re a Pay per Click advertiser utilizing Yahoo!, you should too.

Stay Tuned.

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