In a previous entry of our internet marketing blog we discussed Google’s new image search results and how they almost exactly mirrored Bing’s. Then our very own John Lavin asked the question “What is Bing going to do next to out-do Google?” So today I respond by asking “Why not merge with the competition?”

Yahoo And Bing: The Alliance Begins

As far as gaining ground on Google is concerned, teaming up with the competition may be a wise decision and just in case you haven’t heard, a merger between Bing and Yahoo search engines is already underway. As of now Bing has already begun to power results in Yahoo search pages.  About 25% of natural search results and about 3% of paid search results in Yahoo SRPs are generated by Microsoft’s Bing.  Now this isn’t the first time two search engines have attempted to merge. Back in 2008, a proposed Yahoo and Google merger in the US slipped through the cracks. This was due to the intervention of the Justice Department who threatened to block the deal on antitrust grounds.  That leaves me to wonder “What’s Google doing while this merger between Yahoo and Bing is happening?”

Shaking Hands

Google And Yahoo’s Search Engine Merger

It turns out Google and Yahoo have a deal of their own already underway. Yahoo Japan recently announced that it will be using Google technology to run its search engine.  How do the boys at Microsoft feel about this?  Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs was quoted as saying “It means there will be no search competition in Japan and that Google will end up controlling all personal search information for all Japanese consumers and businesses,” Sounds like somebody’s feelings are hurt. In my opinion he may be right in the long term but it’s too soon to say.  The guys at Microsoft must be heartbroken. I just hope they have enough tissues.

How Will These Search Engine Mergers Affect Internet Marketing?

With all this happening between the top three search engines you have to wonder how it will affect internet marketing as a whole.  Even though these mergers are still in their early stages, it’s never too early to plan ahead. If Google did happen to gain control over all of Japan’s search engine information that would definitely affect any business outside of Japan trying to market themselves on a global scale. For us in the US, the Yahoo and Bing partnership’s predicted completion is a little too close for comfort. Microsoft and Yahoo predict that both of their search engines will be fully integrated by October 2010. This means that SEO and PPC campaign strategies will most likely have to be modified and it’s never too soon to plan ahead like I said before.  I, myself, would like to know more details about the alliance. Thankfully for those of us who weren’t able to attend the latest Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) group meeting in San Francisco, there will be a live webinar on August 4th 2010 at 9a.m. which will discuss the details of the merger.  Everyone should buckle their seat belts just in case as this might be an interesting yet bumpy ride.