Wordze Keyword Tools Are Simple, Basic And Not Really That Awesome

Check around the blogs and review sites and you’re bound to see dozens and dozens of glowing reviews about Wordze – the self-proclaimed “King of Keywords.” I can sum up Wordze in two words: affordable and….OK, just one word.


A Keyword Research Tool Should Be Many Things, Including Affordable

Wordze has traditionally been treated kind of like the ugly stepsister of keyword research tools. It’s cheaper, less popular and generally forgotten. Some people swear by it, others swear at it (maybe it’s just me).

Here’s the thing – it’s hard to take a good, hard look at a tool when their version of kicking the tires means you have to form your opinion as the car zooms by at 100 m.p.h. I signed up for a free trial and didn’t even settle into my chair before it was over. Yeah, you can buy a day pass and, yeah, it’s only $38.98 per month for Wordze, but how can even make the decision to spend when I couldn’t even try it out.

Aside from the abominably bad free trial access, the cost of this tool is certainly low relative to most others.

Nuts and Bolts of Wordze Keyword Research Tools

Wordze purchases user search data from ISPs from around the world and they claim on their site that they receive between 7-13% of all internet search queries.

Most users flip for Wordze’s “dig tool” that allows you to click on any individual keyword returned for more related keywords. With Wordtracker’s recent interface update and changes, they offer a very similar tool.

Wordze also features a “Wordrank” system which uses a few more factors to determine the competitiveness of a keyword. This is designed as a way to measure the competition for a keyword with more scrutiny – potentially uncovering opportunities missed under normal KEI analysis. Again, other keyword research tools provide an extra level of scrutiny like Wordtracker’s KEI 3 numbers.

Other tools that Wordze offers are mostly collections of data that you can find elsewhere (for free). For example:wordze-keyword-research-tools-2


I’m being a little harsh with Wordze, but it’s also a general problem I have with SEO tools. So many companies come out with new paid services and it turns out to be the same ol’ product in a slightly different package. It’s especially annoying when, with a little grunt work, you can find most of the data for free.

Wordze Keyword Research Tool Deserves A Look, At Least

Sooooo, bottom line – Wordze has a slick interface (as far as I can tell) and a selection of tools that can (and are) duplicated elsewhere. For me, it comes down to preference. My suggestion is that if you use Wordze, use it as a supplement to your existing keyword research tool regimen and see if it adds value to your campaigns.

Of course, at DragonSearch, we use the perfect blend of keyword research tools and elbow grease to provide superior SEO services. Maybe I’ll review us someday. I’ll need help gathering synonyms for the word “awesomer.”

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