by Steve LaLonde – PPC Manager at DragonSearch 

I love Google Analytics.  It’s free – and everybody loves free stuff – but more importantly, it’s very powerful.  In fact, Google Analytics is a perfectly suitable analytics platform for probably 98% of websites.  It’s an arguably enterprise-class web analytics solution.  But Google Analytics is not perfect.  In fact, it’s missing a few key features.

#1 on my list of things Google Analytics is sorely lacking: Hourly Conversion Data for AdWords Traffic.  


 Having hourly conversion data for AdWords traffic in Google Analytics would be so great! After all, your web visitors behave very differently throughout the 24hr day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your site converts paid traffic most effectively?  For sites running Pay per Click advertising this data is very important, as it could – and should – inform your day parting schedules.  Problem is, when you look at AdWords traffic in Analytics, you can’t see hourly conversion data.  

Fortunately there’s a way to (kind of) see this AdWords hourly conversion data.  All you have to do is install another duplicate website profile, and apply a filter to the new profile.  In effect, you’ll be creating a new ‘duplicate’ analytics profile which tracks only AdWords visitors — giving you an easy way to see hourly conversion rates for AdWords visitors. 

To create the duplicate profile, go to Analytics settings –>  “add website profile” –>  “add profile for an existing domain” .  Then enter the following filter settings, and click “Save Changes”. 


*NOTE: Don’t forget to recreate your goals in this newly created profile!!! Just pull the goal URLs from your original site profile, and re-setup the goals in this new profile.   

 What you’ve created is a duplicate profile for your website, which will only show AdWords traffic.  This way, you’ll be able to look at Hourly Conversion Rates and Totals for AdWords – only traffic.  You won’t be able to get very granular – like down to the keyword or ad group level – but you’ll see obvious AdWords trends across the 24 hour time frame.  This can point out obvious times which your site converts PPC traffic at its best.  Use this data to inform your day parting schedules in AdWords, and watch conversion rates (hopefully) improve!  

 analytics goals tab

I hope you’re able to employ this little trick to isolate hourly conversion data for your AdWords campaigns.