what’s new, facebook?

With 500 million users and growing, Facebook has certainly done a great job of creating a captivating and ever-changing  user interface. And while the popular social media website has always been on the verge of the next big thing, it appears that the holidays have put Facebook in overdrive to churn out some of the most groundbreaking advances in social media history. Here’s a look at what’s new on Faceworld Facebook.

Social Search via Bing

One of the first big announcements to come from Facebook in October was that the site would be incorporating profile search and “Like” data into Bing.  Facebook searchers now see Bing results and Bing searchers now see an instantly personalized search courtesy of Facebook.

Pros: getting the search results that you’re really looking for as well as opinions from Facebook friends. Cons: just another way to be target marketed to.

Bing Facebook Search

Bing Facebook Search courtesy of Facebook.com/blog

Facebook “See Friendship” Feature

Earlier in November, Facebook rolled out the “See Friendship” feature that allows users to see a complete timeline of their social interaction with any of their friends.

The pros? This allows friends to reminisce about old memories from the early years of Facebook. The cons? Knowing that users can view every single interaction between mutual friends can be a bit creepy. Think about ex’s and current relationships.

Facebook Mail

Over 33,000 viewers tuned into Facebook Live on November 15 to listen to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement regarding the website’s new messaging system.  When the new Facebook Messages application rolls out in its entirety, it will be an all-encompassing communication solution that merges e-mail, instant messaging, texting, and Facebook’s older messaging system.  The big buzz on the street is that Facebook Messages is intended to be a “Gmail killer”. Despite recent friction between Google and Facebook, I’m going to side with Zuckerberg when he claims that this project has been underway for well over a year now—way before any major animosity between the two internet powerhouses came about.

Facebook/MySpace Mashup

Remember when MySpace was all the rage? Better yet, remember social media pre-Facebook was pretty much defined by MySpace? Those were the glory days for Tom Anderson and Rupert Murdoch.  MySpace’s recent rebranding attempts may have generated some buzz, but not nearly enough to save the depreciating network from conceding to Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Just days after the Facebook Messages announcement, the two social networks held a private joint press conference to announce the Facebook/MySpace Mashup.

To sum it all up, MySpace is now incorporating the Facebook “like” option into their site and Facebook is now feeding user data into MySpace to make page suggestions targeted on the newly reinvented entertainment portal.

My thoughts? This gives Facebook more power and may breathe enough life back into MySpace to keep it afloat for a little bit longer.

Zuckerberg for President

Well, not quite. But it didn’t hurt for President George W. Bush to promote his autobiography exclusively via Facebook Live during a forum with Mark Zuckerberg at his Palo Alto headquarters. You know you’ve made it big when the former President of the United States admits that your website is extremely influential when it comes to self-promotion. “I’m just trying to sell books!” President Bush told Zuckerberg.

New Facebook Profile

On December 5, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared in an interview on 60 Minutes. During the interview, Zuckerberg announced the rollout of the New Profiles layout. The layout, which annihilates Tabs altogether, is intended to make it “even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends.”  Each profile has been reorganized into different sections rather than a just a chronological stream of news.

At the top of each profile is basic information such as employer, education, location, relationship status and birthday. Directly underneath is a photo stream of one’s most recent images followed by the news feed of status updates and wall comments. To the left is the default picture with a navigation section underneath, followed by relationships (significant other, family members, friends). The right column is where the “See Friendship” and Mutual Friends features are displayed.

My thoughts? What, exactly, is the purpose of Poke and where did my links page go?

facebook new profile screenshot

Facebook New Profile Screenshot courtesy of Facebook.com

What’s Next for Facebook?

During Mark Zuckerberg’s interview on 60 Minutes, he shot down the idea of a Facebook phone to compete with Google’s Droid technology.  In Facebook’s quest to make the internet more social, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a more refined shopping application or, who knows, maybe even Facebook TV.  Recent rumors of hiring sprees at Skype have also fed into the hype that Facebook may soon have an advanced VoIP integration.

Seeing that Facebook announces something big nearly every week, I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long for the company’s next advancement.




What do you think will be the next big thing produced by a Facebook all-night hackathon? Drop us a comment with your ideas!

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