A successful trade show or conference is the culmination of well planned effort on behalf of the organizers.

Tradeshow marketing plan consultants can involve social media and SEO techniques early on in the planning process can greatly improved the final outcome of success.

Aside from well run, organized logistics, which usually are in the hands of the event venue; success of the trade show or conference depends on the participants, vendors or speakers and the number of paying attendees. Both of these areas can be substantially improved and numbers increased with the assistance of DragonSearch Marketing.

Any web site supporting and promoting the event will benefit from our standard search engine optimization set up and implementation as a means of increased visibility and the ease of which the website may be found. Increased rankings on the search engines will greatly increase the organic spread of the event. Keyword research allows all to see inside the minds of the end users and go where they already are.

For a more timed campaign, PPC efforts will provide targeted pay per click advertisement with measurable results.

Our internet research department can coordinate and outreach and email campaign to reach both vendors and participants that would be interested in participating and attending your event. Using our expertise in digging deeply into both general and industrial specific sites, we research and find businesses, trade organizations and online communities that will share similar interests. This research will often point to unique and interesting keynote speakers and upcoming issues that are show and conference organizers are not even aware of as they have not hit the general zeitgeist yet.

Adding well branded social media profiles and employing various aspects online social communications will continue to promote the event and allow for a natural viral expanse. We can organize a guerilla attack on both generally populated sites and industry/trade specific sites to spread the word and generate excitement for the upcoming event. By researching the specific industry our promotional team ensures that any site online that might have a relevant interest has the event covered in some capacity depending on the nature of the site whether it be a related blog, or industry forum, or general bookmarking. We build detailed and branded profiles that naturally attract people of similar interests

The standard SEO practice of link building takes a whole other feel when applied to upcoming events. Using our vast repertoire of event listings sites, again, both generally populated and industry specific, we promote the upcoming event in all ways possible. The larger event listing sites will often get picked up by local traditional media, locally oriented online sites, and industry news sites, while the more relevant and specific industry related sites will directly reach in the final interested third party.

In these economically trying times, it might be harder to reach the attendees and parties interested and able to attend your trade show or conference. Guarantee the results of your trade show or industry conference planning efforts by aligning up early with the Dragons of the Internet.

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