we’re doing it again! a social event to meet potential future employees

Guess what everyone? Dragon360 is proud to sponsor the next Kingston Digital Corridor Happier Hour Wednesday, August 25th! If you are not familiar with the Kingston Digital Corridor they are a group dedicated to serving and promoting technopreneurs, independent creatives, and others who work virtually in Kingston, NY, and the surrounding area.  If you’re a tech-savvy individual who would like to gather and socialize with like-minded people then this event is for you!  Not only that but we are on the prowl for yet another potential employee and you know what that means. If for some reason you don’t know what that means, then you must have missed out on the last mixer!

potential dragons

Kingston, NY is nestled in the Hudson Valley and over recent years has gained popularity. From filmmakers to actors to New York City artists, Kingston and the Hudson Valley are making their mark. I’d like to think Dragon360 has helped contribute to the rising popularity. I think I speak for all of us here at Dragon360 when I say “I’m proud to live in the Hudson Valley” It’s beautiful here. Not only do we support living in the Hudson Valley but we support the local businesses as well. That’s why Dragon360 held their first mixer at the Hudson Valley Coffee Traders which is usually home to most of our team’s caffeine addiction. Employees and guests gathered around, mingled, and partook in delicious food. Having beer from Keegan Ales readily available didn’t hurt either and we will always support our local brewery. Needless to say, it was great and we all had an awesome time.

Rather than conducting a standard interview, Dragon360 held this mixer to meet potential employees in a more relaxed and care-free environment. I was one of these potential employees and as you can probably tell, was hired despite my terrible sense of fashion. I guess I’m proof that this unconventional method works. Since it worked that time around another talent meet-up such as this was destined to be right around the corner. Now for those who are seeking employment, this is what we’re looking for- We’re looking for a sharp individual who has a firm grasp on social media and internet trends. The position requires extensive data analysis, logical thinking, tons of research, and must be a team player.

why should you go?

This time we will be joining the Kingston Digital Corridor at MINT Lounge & Tapas to once again search for a potential employee. MINT Lounge was a superb choice and provides the best environment for a casual mixer. They specialize in innovative cocktails using fresh muddled fruit, a variety of wines, non-alcoholic specialty drinks, Mediterranean style tapas & fondue. As an added bonus the first 40 people to attend will each receive a drink ticket from us! I know what you’re thinking: “Dragon360 is so fantastic for sponsoring such a glorious event! Why wouldn’t I attend?!”  So don’t be shy and make an appearance! Who knows, you might become the next Dragon recruit.

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