Good Social Media Monitoring Starts With a Good Query

There is an art to using social media monitoring tools effectively. Once you understand why you need to monitor and what terms you want to monitor for, you need to build a Boolean search query that is specifically targeted to pull in only the mentions that are relevant to you. An inadequate query string may require continuous review to delete mentions you did not want and the analysis will be inaccurate if too much garbage is collected.

A chart outlining the results of effective query writing.

A Boolean search query can be way more complex than AND, OR, and NOT operators. What if you have a brand name that is tricky to monitor? What if the public spells (or misspells) your brand in many ways? What if your brand name is a common word and you need to be very specific to find when the mentions are actually talking about your brand? How do you make the most of parentheses, wildcards and proximity operators? Query writing can be complicated and require a lot of thought, trial and error to accomplish. Need help?

Join Our Webinar on Queries – October 9th

Brandwatch logoBack in August, I published a White Paper: The Importance of the Boolean Search Query in Social Media Monitoring Tools, an in-depth study of social media monitoring and advanced query syntax. As Brandwatch is our tool of choice to for creating a complex query, we are teaming up with them to provide a webinar on how to write queries for social media monitoring tools.

In this webinar, co-hosted by Brandwatch and DragonSearch, we’ll talk about how to write accurate Boolean search strings and discuss the findings of my recent whitepaper all about Queries.

We’ll also cover:

So please join me, Jannette Pazer, along with Brandwatch’s Jasmine Jaume (Product Marketing) and Gemma Cooper (Project Manager and query expert) on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT via GoToWebinar, and get the most out of your social media monitoring. To register for the webinar, sign up here: