As mentioned in my review of Sprout Social, I recently completed a thorough test of social media monitoring tools for our agency. Of the tools tested, Visible Technologies was the most comprehensive. For boutique and national Internet marketing agencies, Visible Technologies offers a set of features that covers almost every potential client need. My Visible Technologies review covers the pros and cons—albethey minimal—of this social media monitoring tool.

Top Social Media Monitoring Tool Visible Technologies is Packed with Features

Charged with finding social monitoring tools our agency could put to use, I created an extensive list of requirements. I spent many weeks identifying the top 30+ components that would be considered necessities in the best social monitoring tools. This list included a comprehensive spam filter, social network integration, a customizable dashboard and archiving of searches.  Visible Technologies nailed all of these.  As a bonus, Visible Technologies allows for uncapped search queries and search results. For anyone who knows what it’s like to max out their monthly search on a social monitoring tool, this is a major advantage.

Visible Technologies social media monitoring tool

Rather than just telling you that Visible Technologies does everything, I want to delve further into what I consider to be my favorite features. First and foremost, the social monitoring aspect of the tool uses an influence rating mechanism to provide the data surrounding the authors of specific mentions. This information includes author location, reach of mention and perceived influence level.  Being a big proponent of social media stalking, this takes a lot of the hassle out of investigating who is talking about your clients.

White labeling of reports is another important feature of Visible Technologies for agencies of any size. There is a fully customizable dashboard and all graphs and images are fully exportable. Task management is another integral feature of Visible Technologies, allowing users to prioritize mention follow-ups and send email alerts. The tool also manages sentiment of mentions in addition to topic discovery. In other words, Visible Technologies lets you see what other key phrases are being mentioned in relation to your search query.

There Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Social Monitoring Tool

As much as I’ve dreamed of the coveted ‘perfect’ social monitoring tool, I’ve yet to find anything to fit my never-ending list of requirements. Although Visible Technologies has a lot of pros, there are a few cons that prevented DragonSearch from choosing it as our tool of choice.

The price and contract length are a bit intimidating, especially for any mid-size firm. Visible Technologies will cost an agency $3,000 a month.  During my social media monitoring tools comparison, I found that most tools are priced between $500 and $2,000. Visible Technologies is a bit more expensive, however, you are paying for the unlimited search factor. Visible Technologies also requires a one-year contract, which can be intimidating if you haven’t performed an extensive amount of competitive research on social monitoring tools.

Another concern I have about Visible Technologies is that the backup period for data is limited to three months. While most other tools average about a year of archived data, some services feature up to five years of historical content. Another limitation of Visible Technologies is that the tool comes with only three users to start. If you are a marketing firm with multiple account holders that require separate access to this tool, the price per additional users will surely add up.

Visible Technologies Review Wrap-Up: Who Should Use It & Why

Visible Technologies is a great social media monitoring tool if you are a large or growing agency that needs a tool that will accommodate expanding client needs. Visible Technologies is also an ideal tool for CMOs who manage nationally recognized brands. For smaller agencies, however, I recommend research tools at a lower price point that may better suit your client needs.

While researching Visible Technologies, Regional Director Greg Singh was extremely helpful and answered my onslaught of questions in a timely fashion.  If you are interested in Visible Technologies, you can contact Greg at [email protected].