“Someday, all beer cans will open this easy!” Who knew advertising could predict the future? Well, it can’t. But this specific beer advertising has done a really great job of dating itself. Remember the days before twist-off tops and pull tabs on cans? (If you do, you’re also aging yourself). The pull tab for cans was invented by Mikola Kondakow in 1956, before any of the DragonSearch members were even born.

Vintage beer ad depicts a life before pull tabs

Vintage beer ad depicts a life before pull tabs

Oftentimes, cultural, social or historical aspects of an advertisement are indicative of the age of said ads. In the case of this vintage beer ad, design advances make it is to tell that campaign by Schlitz Beer predates the 1950s. Many vintage ads also include racist, sexist or sexually suggestive content that is no longer accepted by the masses.

 What are some aspects of vintage advertising that aren’t seen in modern advertising today (or are, but oftentimes chastised)?

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