Site Optimized CEO Doug Motel Shares Video Marketing Insights

Part of DragonSearch’s “Lunch & Learn” Guest Speaker Program

Doug Motel at the DragonSearch Lunch & Learn company meeting sharing his insights on video marketing

Doug Motel shares his insights with the DragonSearch team

In addition to the ongoing sharing of digital marketing ideas, one of the great perks of being in the DragonSearch office is a diverse mix of guest speakers joining us for our weekly Lunch & Learn company meeting. On a cold mid-winter day in February, Doug Motel of Site Optimized, a Hudson Valley digital marketing firm, joined us and relayed inside information, which in our industry is legal to share – but sometimes not freely discussed between agencies. Doug was quite forthright with passing on his astute knowledge relating to marketing one of his own clients, for which he devised a digital marketing campaign incorporating a variety of videos combined with optimized content writing, and developed a proactive, diligent strategy designed to meet the goal of gaining national exposure for the client’s product.

Creativity Crucial to Viral Digital Marketing

As an overview on online marketing, Doug was adamant that creativity is crucial in the quest to spark a viral buzz that can quickly ignite into a blaze across multiple social channels. He gave our #usDragons team members insight into a number of techniques used to promote a rather quirky but effective product offered by one of his own clients. The glow from the subsequent viral explosion caught the eye of an Oprah Winfrey’s talent director, and Doug’s client received a booking on that show. Doug preceded the anticipated appearance by a proactive focus on content creation, and produced a series of product and brand supporting videos, documenting the successful use of the client’s flagship offering. National exposure and acclaim was received, and traffic to his client’s website received an immediate major boost, along with a vastly increased social network of followers, engagement, and sales conversions.

Creative Internet Marketing Overview

Doug Motel was a fantastic speaker, presenting clear actionable concepts and a creative digital marketing overview. It is with sincere thanks that we acknowledge Doug Motel’s generous gift of time and expression of ideas – ones that have already been woven into the digital marketing fabric of the Dragon team. We have found incredible value in incorporating video content strategies into our clients’ campaigns. The time is certainly ripe for video to continue as a driving force in viral content distribution. To that end, Doug Motel certainly brought us some new perspectives – it’s always a joy to hear a like-minded fellow digital marketer share his passion and help spur new ideas and creativity within the DragonSearch team. DragonSearch regularly invites guest speakers to our office as we strive to stay abreast of the ways people, companies, other marketing firms are utilizing digital media. We love sharing ideas and learning new ones!  We have enjoyed past guest speakers.  If you would like to come speak with us, let us know.

DragonSearch Guest Speaker Doug Motel

The Importance of Video in Online Marketing

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Visiting the #usdragons office today for lunch & learn is #SEO speaker @dougmotel
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