The following is a guest post from Freda L. Thomas, MBA

It’s a jungle out there, with every widget and doodad being sold throughout the internet.  The approach you take when connecting with your online community should clearly describe the difference between your company and the competition and the reason why a customer should choose your product or service instead of another.

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What is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Is it imagery, messaging, or a unique spin on customer service that makes you different from the norm?  Are you constantly updating special features based on relevance and consumer feedback?  Are your products and services localized or geographically relevant?

What are the fundamental benefits that will result in the consumer remembering their online experience with your company and sharing that experience with another?

According to strategist and Harvard Professor Michael E. Porter, your value proposition requires a new way of achieving a competitive advantage.

Your UVP is that tangible something that solves a problem or brings results.  It’s not about what you will do to get the customer to buy from you, but instead it’s about the intrinsic value the customer will receive as a result of doing business with you.

The approach and position you take when promoting your products and services can either make or break you.  That’s why it’s important to know and publicize your value proposition.  This is where you get to focus on a distinct approach to gaining market share.

Starting Your Own Business and Your Unique Value Proposition

My new book, “Starting Your Own Business” can help you explore how best to promote your value proposition.

How do you tout your company’s uniqueness? Through online marketing!

Freda L. Thomas, MBA

Freda ThomasFreda L. Thomas is a New York State Certified Business Advisor with several years of achievement in business and economic development, serving NGO’s and micro enterprises.  Freda possesses 15+ years of experience developing, directing, and implementing plans that improve and expand an organization’s market position and financial profitability. Freda holds an MBA from Baruch College in New York City with a specialization in International Business. For more details about Freda, visit and