how to use pinterest in your digital marketing

Everyone’s talking about leveraging Pinterest for their social media marketing; why not — it’s one of the fastest growing social media sites. Pinterest has 322 million monthly active users, and 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on the platform. But beware: it’s not as simple as throwing up some content to sell your products and generate traffic to your website.

For one, seven out of every 10 Pinterest users are women. Plus, like Instagram, Pinterest revolves around visual appeal.

So how should you add Pinterest to your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Size Matters

According to Pinterest and its users, the best dimensions for your Pinterest posts is 2:3, and the bigger and higher quality your image the better it will look on all screens.

For infographics, try a 1:3 ratio; Pinners will have to click your image to view it in its entirety, and will be far more likely to click the link to your website.

For video, Pinterest recommends 9:16 format and accepts up to 1:2 but the platform is designed for posts using the 2:3 ratio so consider adhering to these guidelines for video as well.

Time Matters

According to Oberlo, the best time to Pin is Saturday (or Sunday), between 8 and 11 PM.

Since the best time to post on Pinterest isn’t during standard work hours, you may want to schedule your Pins in advance.

Content Matters

It should go without saying, but nothing matters more than what you’re posting.

One third of Pinterest users in the US use it to follow brands and companies, but the companies they follow share ideas, not product pitches.

So, whether you’re a digital agency representing a business or the business itself, it’s critical to understand the target audience, the key differentiators and the brand voice and style. Then, create still or moving images that tell the brand story in a way that would appeal to prospective customers — and inspire them to click and/or re-pin.

Learning Matters

Even with all the research-based recommendations posted online, trail and error is the only way you’ll ever know what works best for your Pinterest account.

So, post, analyze, iterate, and optimize.

Pinterest offers backend analytics, but you can often go deeper with third-party tools.

Most of the 21 Pinterest tools on this list offer advanced analytics — and much more.

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