Using Social Media to Transform Business

A Social Media Master Chef’s Guide to Consumer Engagement and Marketing Success

at Hudson Valley Business Edge, June 17th, 2010,

In this era of online experience marketing, you owe it to yourself and to the success of your business to take advantage of Ric Dragon’s workshop – virtually a social-media cooking class! Today, a brand needs to know which social media channels its customers are using and how to engage them. In this workshop you will learn how to combine online apps into a secret sauce – one that will transform your business into a living, breathing hub your customers come back to again and again. You’ll learn the interactive digital techniques that align the way you have been marketing with the way consumers like to shop today. And BTW, “fresh today” cannot be overemphasized. If you think collecting customer e-mails is enough or if you’re using last week’s digital marketing recipe, there’s a good chance your marketing is already stale!

What you will learn:

  1. How to connect social media with your tried and true marketing
  2. Do it yourself techniques that energize small business social-media marketing power
  3. How to put your Web site, your blog and social media apps to work in the social sphere
  4. How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in marketing
  5. What are the “must” ingredients you absolutely need to win in the new world of social marketing?
  6. The top mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them

Let us know if you’re thinking of attending!

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