First there was Nintendo’s Duck Hunt featuring that oh so flattering orange gun and now there’s Bing’s Page Hunt.  Page Hunt is a game created by Microsoft that asks players to submit search queries that they feel the site presented to them would show up for in Bing search results.  

Once the player has typed in a search query that would land the page within the top 5 results, points are scored and a new page pops up allowing the player to continue on to the next.  Oh and FYI, players get 3 minutes to get as many pages within the top 5 results as possible.  Some are extremely easy and others are impossible! 

pagehunt-creatureNow, at this point one is probably questioning who exactly this “game” benefits.  Firstly, you the search marketing professional will be able to practice coming up with really good keywords (based on Bing’s standard of what a good keyword is) while affectively killing off time in between projects and deadlines.  Secondly, none other than the infamous Microsoft itself will be reaping the many benefits of this game.  How?  As more and more people play Page Hunt, Microsoft will be able to figure out what users are typing to land onto certain pages thus allowing the computer giant to identify trends and habits.  As described by its creators, it’s a way of improving search engines by using human computation games.

I must say that when I first heard about Page Hunt, my initial reaction was “are you serious?”  Sadly, I played Page Hunt and could not stop.  My keyword creation skills have improved dramatically and my overall PPC walk with the PPC gods is stronger than ever!  Ok maybe not but seriously; if you’re ever browsing the net and you say to yourself, “self, I’m in the mood for a game that helps me come up with better keywords today,” then click on the following link and you’re good to go:


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