No matter what type of business industry you are in, why would you ignore a vast network of billions of potential consumers? Out of these billions of people, you can bet someone might be interested in your product but your traditional marketing strategies are not applicable in the Twitter universe. Despite Twitter’s 140 character restriction on updates it has become one of the all time top social networks, but that doesn’t mean it’s a playground for your branding. In a previous post of mine titled regarding using Twitter for business, I discussed the mass potential of this social network and what it can do for your business. Today I’d like to share some of the better resources out there for those who are new to the whole Twitter marketing thing. The whole reason I wrote this blog post was in response to many small business owners that I have spoken to who have yet to have a clue about and/or see the potential in Twitter. There’s an art form to marketing through Twitter and there’s plenty of ways to do so.

Mashable – The Twitter Guidebook

Mashable Twitter Guidebook

Mashable offers the Twitter Guidebook on their website which is super informative. I recommend that anyone new to Twitter, reads it. It covers the basics and also gets into the business side of things as well. It is also available for download as a PDF file. This is a great place to get started if you don’t know how to use Twitter.

Twitter Books

You might need some inspiration before you decide to use Twitter as part of your internet marketing campaign, and that is completely understandable. There are a few good books out there that will not only inspire but will offer the proof you need to see that marketing through Twitter actually works!

Social Marketing GPS by Toby Bloomberg

Diva Marketing Blog

The latest book I have discovered is a fantastic example.  Social Media Marketing GPS is a completely free ebook written by Toby Bloomberg. Her words are best to describe the book:

“Last summer I invited social media marketing pros to explore with me a new book genre. I wondered if a real business book could be written using Twitter as the major content platform and distribution channel.”

This book is a great example of how huge of an influence Twitter is in the marketing community and especially gives great insight into interactive social media marketing as a whole.  Shel Israel, who wrote Twitterville (mentioned in my last post about Twitter) wrote the forward to this. Another book to keep in mind is Twitter Power 2.0: How to Dominate Your Market one Tweet at a Time which is also a great read.


Twellow is a fundamental for your Twitter marketing strategy.

There are some great tools out there that will help you organize your Twitter marketing campaign and Twellow is a great service to begin with. Think of it as a phonebook for Twitter. With Twellow you can search Twitter profiles for specific keywords that are specific to your market. This is a great starting point for finding people who would be interested in your brand or service. You can begin by engaging these people and not broadcasting to them! On Twitter you have to gain people’s trust and bugging them about your brand is not the way to do it.

Do keep in mind that this post is for the small business owner who might be unaware of Twitter’s potential. I know there are plenty of Twitter tools out there but I don’t want to over-encumber the newbies. If you’d like to recommend a Twitter resource, then please feel free to comment. The more the merrier!