Recently, one of our #UsDragons folks stopped by for a guest speaking appearance at our weekly Lunch-and-Learn staff meeting. It was none other than Dino Dogan, founder of Triberr. All of us found him to be as engaging offline as he is on. Here’s what Dino and Triberr are all about.

The Blogosphere is broken, Triberr fixes this

Triberr was Created by Bloggers for Bloggers

Dino Dogan is first and foremost a blogger. As a blogger Dino studies blog distribution systems from big sites such as Mashable and readwriteweb to understand their advantages so that Triberr can replicate them for the rest of us. Triberr helps bloggers with Content Distribution, Content Creation, and engagement. The heart of Triberr is it’s Content Distribution through your “Tribe”, a collection of people you invite to join your group. It is expected that members of a Triberr will support each other by distributing (Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn) posts as they are published. Doing so greatly extends the reach of an individual blogger.

Content Creation and Engagement are benefits of using Triberr

Triberr has other features, such as the ability to reblog posts. Triberr protects authorship by maintaining the original author of reblogged posts. Triberr will be supporting canonical reference and “rel=author” to protect it’s authors. Triberr also facilitates engagement in a rather unique way. They have built their own commenting system so that all reblogged posts all share the same comments. It is also possible to comment on a post at any time from anywhere within a post, rather than waiting until the end of a post which is the standard today. Triberr is talking about these type of features with other commenting systems in the hopes that a Disqus or Livefyre will pick up the functionality.

There are many other benefits of Triberr, please read the Storify below for more information or feel free to reach out to Dino at any time! Link to Storify on Triberr Overview.