Centuries ago, merchants traveled from town to town to display their goods and products, create awareness, and initiate sales. Today it is much different.

Brands devote a large portion of their yearly marketing budgets to participate in mega-events, often at large convention centers in major cities. There are currently over 10,000 trade shows each year in the United States, and many more internationally. Logistically, it is a major undertaking that involves many team members, in a variety of necessary important roles. It is also extremely costly to participate.

Image of a trade show floor in a big convention center showing all the people and the booths.

If you are a vendor at a trade show, the smartest strategy is to maximize the positive results for your brand. Many companies may not have the internal bandwidth to cover all the bases, especially considering that a comprehensive marketing plan entails more than a ramp up of subsequent promotion after the trade show closes. It’s best if the marketing plan starts in the pre-production phase, time-lined in months before the trade show commences. If the energy of the efforts break like a wave at the time of the event, then it may dissipate as your team takes a needed breath, and starts planning the next initiative.

We spoke with both Andy Groller, VP of Digital Advertising, and James Kravic, Director of PPC at Dragon360 in NY to get their overview for what trade show participants could do in 2017 to optimize their efforts and create a sales funnel trajectory that goes beyond their anticipated goals.

Here are their recommendations:

Beyond the Trade Show Walls

Groller and Kravic both agree that the expectations of a company participating in a trade show should be to:

Kravics feels that, “The entire branding and marketing campaign is best when laid out beforehand, and comprehensive in scope to include the promotion of any awards or acclaim received during the trade show, nurturing prospective dealers, and insuring a more powerful magnetic bond with ones already affiliated.”

In addition, Groller adds, “As the show packs up, now is the time for follow-up that is related to the ‘theme’ at the show booth, to potential customers who’s badge was scanned or contact information was acquired in other ways. Once entered into the CRM, there are vast opportunities for personal outreach, and as additional marketing data is collected, it will direct how subsequent outreach is revised and re-targeted – driving customers deeper into the sales funnel, and ultimately to a conversion.”

For Trade Show marketing, a triple-tiered approach is logical, and can be seamlessly integrated. Partnering with a digital marketing agency ensures that:

We Focus on Marketing You

From display advertisements to retargeting, team up with Dragon360 to grow your custom digital presence for upcoming trade shows with paid advertisements.

Get Started

The question was also posed to Groller and Kravic as to what can a digital marketing agency do that a PR company cannot. The simple answer was that, “We know how to sell – and bring the campaign through the mid and bottom funnel content that expedites and compels the customer journey to conversions for the brand.”

Digital marketing today has transitioned more and more to a full feature composite effort as opposed to singular marketing components. Because there are so many things online trying to capture attention, breakthrough tactics are desired. A blend of organic and paid tactics is wise. It is always best to create a customized approach. That being said, for trade shows, some of the specific elements are:

What is Your Brand’s Trade Show Calendar for This Year?

If you desire to share your 2017 trade show calendar with the marketing team at Dragon360, we can map out a collaborative trade show marketing strategy, in a timeline, with a goal of positioning you ahead of your competitor’s efforts. It’s best to have the voice of your brand resonating with the most volume – not just within the trade show venue walls – but throughout the digital world where both the customers, and influencers you want to connect with, spend most of their day.

Start it all with a conversation. In a partnership you can focus on all the trade show logistics and inter-show festivities that you do best, and the digital marketing agency can add their skills and bandwidth into the mix.

Given the enormous amount of effort, money and staff involved in your brand’s trade show participation, it makes sense to do it in a way that will maximize success, and have marketing longevity way after your team settles back into their home base.

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