how to track phone calls from your ppc campaigns

Sometimes leads aren’t generated from submitted contact forms. For many businesses, the best leads come in on the phone.

This is especially true for small businesses, for which quality phone calls can be the ultimate measure of advertising effectiveness. Of course, if you can’t track the calls back to the advertising campaigns that initiated them, you’ll never know.

Fortunately, tracking calls from ads is simple, albeit often overlooked.

If you run an ad that encourages the audience to call you, and you track those calls to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign, you can better optimize your ads and improve your performance.

There are many call tracking providers to consider, and they each provides clear setup instructions. In brief:

  1. Sign up for an account with the provider
  2. Purchase a new phone number to replace your actual phone number in the ad
  3. Inside the provider’s user interface, set up the new number to redirect to your actual phone number
  4. Use the provider to track and analyze the results, and make adjustments to your ads as necessary

DNI Tracking

If you’re running multiple PPC ad campaigns that lead people to your website or landing page, which contains your phone number, and you want to track clicks to call by leads generated from these ads, you can implement DNI (Direct Number Insertion) tracking. 

This involves adding DNI .js code to your site, and tagging your ad URLs with certain parameters, which will replace your phone number with your tracking phone number, as triggered by the Javascript. 

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