Here is a list of my favorite articles, blog postings, or other, regarding ROI for Social Media:

  1. What Is The ROI For Social Media? – by Jason Falls
  2. How to Measure Social Media ROI for Business – by Aaron Uhrmacher
  3. Social Media ROI, by Yongfook
  4. Social Media ROI, by Maggie Fox – “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”
  5. Social Media ROI—What’s the ‘Return on Ignoring’?, byDavid Alston – “equally important is carefully assessing the price for not being involved. “
  6. The ROI of Social Media – Beth Kanter – focus on nonprofits…
  7. Social Media ROI: Be Careful What You Promise , (PART 2)  and Social Media ROI: Be Careful What You Promise (Part One)  by Augie Ray –  “My objective certainly isn’t to discourage the measurement of Social Media but to suggest we be very cautious about how we toss around the term ‘ROI'”.
  8. Companies that Measure Social Media, Influence, and Brand, by Jeremiah Owyang
  9. Online Community ROI: Models and Reporting , by Bill Johnston
  10. Measuring Social Media Marketing: It’s Easier than you Think!, by Michael Brito
  11. Social Media ROI – the Netflix example , by Matt McAlister
  12. Social Media ROI – Part 3, by Dag Holmboe

I’m still not finding much on what the various metrics are that we can use.  It could be nice to develop a near-comprehensive list that could be edited per organization (obviously whats right for one won’t be for the other).  I should also look more into the concept of “social capital”.

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