PPC Buzz of the Week for Friday 2/19/10

When the agreement between Microsoft and Yahoo was first announced back in July 2009, I had offered my opinion, insight, etc into how this could affect the landscape of PPC in this post. For the last 7 months both corporations have been at the mercy of the US Department of Justice and European Commission in approving this agreement. That is until today.

The Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, or Microhoo as it was called a few months ago, finally achieved regulatory clearance in both the US and EU. Did they really have to call it The Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, though? I kind of see the concept they’re going for in terms of not making it look like one company is better than the other, in addition to giving off the perception they’re joining forces to do combat with Google. In all honesty it has a little too much Soviet Union feel to the name though, but in the end it is probably better than Microhoo.

To announce this clearance, the Microsoft Advertising Blog put up a brief post. In addition, my inbox has been blasted by informational emails from both Yahoo and Microsoft since this morning. So before going any further, let me say thanks to both companies for slowing down my computer slightly. Finally, a new site titled SearchAlliance.com has launched detailing all of the specific information pertaining to this new initiative here.

That being said, I must admit I’m slightly excited to see what new opportunities this brings to the paid search landscape (in addition to the headaches of course). With the rollout of the full Alliance set for late 2010 or very early 2011, here is my wish list of the top 3 features that will hopefully be available in adCenter once the full transition is complete:

No more Advanced and Standard match types please!

Seriously, can we please have a somewhat standard match type categorization across all paid search platforms? Keeping broad, phrase, and exact match types in adCenter once the transition is made is definitely at the top of my wish list.

Provide the ability to separate targeting between Yahoo and Bing

There have been strong rumors that once both search engines can be targeted within adCenter, advertisers will not be able to target Yahoo and Bing search pages separately. Instead both will be lumped together with the inability to differentiate bids based on search engine. Current advertisers should be in an uproar if this is the case because searchers on Yahoo are much different than Bing users, therefore requiring some form of separation in terms of creative, bids, and other online marketing aspects.

Create a dashboard showing graphs, alerts, etc (similar to the current Yahoo dashboard but a little more visually friendly)

When I log into a client’s Google or Yahoo account I love the fact that I’m presented with a graph showing clicks over a chosen period of time. It relays a sense of ease that something didn’t mess up a campaign(s), causing ads to stop displaying today or yesterday. A graph showing statistics like these on the opening page of adCenter would likely improve the advertiser experience more than having “Top Campaigns by Spend”.

Until next week…Keep on Searching!

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