Effective Search Engine Optimization Explained Using Simple Tao Principles

Effective SEO like Taoism involves getting back to basics.  Tao simplicity also incorporates yin-yang2nature.  And it just so happens that search engine optimization deals with “natural” or “organic” search results.  We begin our discussion on the Tao of effective SEO looking at how to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to your site based on some simple Tao principles….



Literally translated, the word Tao means “way”, “path” or “route”.  It can be thought of as a natural flow to all of the energy and life of the universe.  Heavy stuff…  But for our purposes, let’s consider for a moment that your site is part of this great big cosmos that we call the internet.  And this universe (aka the internet) is dynamically evolving.  So how do you find your place in this every-changing situation?  The Tao of SEO says that you must first recognize your site’s strengths.


De involves actively cultivating Tao.  It means “moral character”, “virtue” and “integrity”.  Perhaps the easiest way to think of this principle is white hat SEO as opposed to black hat.  Several tactics that were considered effective search engine optimization methods a few years back are now seen as black hat SEO.  This is because the search engines and viewers eventually realized that these methods did not organically evolve with the natural flow of the internet.

Wu Wei

This term’s literal translation is without action, but a better way to think of this concept is effortless action.  This concept can be illustrated with a river.  Instead of swimming upstream, find a way to go along with the river.  In terms of effective search engine optimization, this means allowing our actions to be natural.  One example is that viewers and search engines award “natural links” that support the online community as a whole.  Spamming and artificial links do not achieve this purpose.


Simplicity or “pu” is a good motto when looking at effective SEO.  Think of it this way – if you were a search engine spider and you had over 1 trillion unique URLs to index, wouldn’t you be happy if you came across a site that was simple and optimized just the way you like?  I thought so.  Pu can also be thought of as a state of pure potential.

In order to achieve effective search engine optimization, we must first consider the foundation of a site.  It is this “uncarved block” that has great potential to become anything you’d like.  The foundation serves as a base for future optimization and site promotion efforts.  Being aware of how to build a strong base for a site that will be able to adapt to the internet’s natural evolution is what distinguishes professional SEO services and it is the basis of effective search engine optimization.