So, I heard the Social Media Examiner‘s little dude is looking for a name…Here goes nothing. Although “the little dude” suites him quite well, if it’s a name he must have, then a name he shall receive. Now I’ve sat here, deep in thought with iced chai latte to my left & wooden Gladius sword to my other left, in diligent pursuit of the end-all be-all of names for this bantam blue eyed social media safari master-explorer. The papers have piled in droves as this hand writes and for the fallen dry-erase marker soldiers, I thank you; you shall never be forgotten.  The time has come to give this “little dude” a name and it must be done in uber-epic fashion…

And the Journey Begins…

As he walks, he walks swiftly amongst the vibrant and colorful Social Media Forest. It is there that he sifts through various tweet creatures and Facebook Status Trees in search for his true identity.  It has been quite some time now, close to a year in fact, that he has remained nameless. The time has come; the air is right; he is ready to receive a name.

With one deep inward breath he tightly grips his magnifying glass and begins his journey. It will be long; It will be difficult, but “the little dude” is strong now. He heads deeper into the forest.

As he scrolls, the tweet creatures begin to emerge. One shouts “Trevor!” He smiles, nods his head  and continues forward. “Sam!” exclaims another. He pauses.

“Sam…that could work,” he says as he looks towards the status trees. He considers a retweet towards the creature but shortly thereafter he realizes it is far too early to make such a commitment. It is at that moment he reaches into his trusty social media cargo pocket and pulls out the ultimate in social web technologies – the smartphone. He notes it in his Evernote app and continues forth.

He looks towards the status tree. It is time. He races towards it. As he reaches the foot of the tree he notices an engrave-ment into the tree’s blue-like nature. “Jimmy,” it reads. He chuckles a bit and “likes” it, but he knows he mustn’t stop just yet. He continues forward, gripping his fingers tightly around the trunk of the tree and begins his climb. Hand over hand he ascends. ‘Smeg’ he reads. He “likes” it for its creativity, but he knows he must continue on.

As he reaches the top of the tree he has just about given up. “All of these fantastic names. It is too difficult to pick just one,” he sighs.  “All of them could work, but I just don’t know. I wish someone could help..” He looks towards the Social-Web Sky.

In the distance he notices a creature in flight. At this point he cannot quite make out what it is but his curiosity gets the better of him. He shouts, “hey, heeeeey!!!” His calls work. He has disturbed the creature and the a purple flying blurb has shifted direction and is b-lining straight towards him. Nervously, he waits. As the object draws nearer, he realizes this is no blurb at all, but a majestic Internet marketing services purple dragon – one of the rarest of beasts in the social media forest. As the dragon approaches, “the little dude’s” eyes widen in awe of its gargantuan-sized red wings. With one last flap, the dragon settles and with chest out, he touches ground. Unsure of what to do, the little dude apprehensively approaches. Within arm’s reach of the dragon now, he extends a hand for a pet.

“Woaaaahhhhhh, FRAAANNNNNKIIIIIEEEEEE” a deep voice bellows from atop the massive purple hide of the dragon. In shock, the little dude jumps back, tripping over a status tree root, knocking off his Pith helmet. He quickly jumps to his feet. “whhh whha who’s there?” He says quaveringly.

It is at that moment a bearded man appears. Dressed in sandals, a darkened grayscale painted camouflage pair of shorts, a red & black flannel, and a “love is revolution” tee shirt, the man smiles.

“What it do, Frankie?!” He says gingerly.

Still nervous, the little dude, clinched to his magnifying glass, mutters “ah..a little….scared, that’s all.”

“Don’t be scared Frankie.” The bearded man says as he slides down the lengthy purple tail of the dragon.“I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“You have?” the little dude says as he begins to dust off his trusty cargo shorts. “Why…and why do you keep calling me Frankie?”

Reaching for the little dudes pith helmet the man snickers and says “I’ve been out here on this DragonSearch-ing for you all day. And I keep calling you Frankie because….well Mr. little dude, I think you should consider it. You look much like a Frankie….And besides, who doesn’t love yelling…” the bearded man pauses. He then hands over the hat, cups his hands to his mouth,  and with a deep breath he roars “FRAAAAAANKKIIIEEEEEE!”

The two share in laughter.

“I like it.” The little dude chuckles. “I could be a Frankie. What’s your name?”

“I’m glad you like it Frankie, little dude.” The man extends his hand for a shake. “They call me Clayton Hero Walter. I’m a Social Web Relationships Whiz.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Hero.” The little dude says as he also extends his hand for the shake. “I’ve got to tell you Clayton, I really do like the name, but I’m just not sure yet.”

Clayton laughs.

“Think it over little dude. I know picking a name is no easy task…If its right, it will come to you. You just have to be patient,” He says as he heads back towards the purple dragon.

Speedily walking towards him the little dude shouts.“Wait…where are you going?”

“As much as I’d love to chat with you I’ve gotta go, little dude. There is a whole jungle of work to be done in this Social Media [email protected] need to be posted; tweets need to be retweeted.” Clayton says as he hops back onto the dragons hide.

“Well, thanks Clayton. I really do appreciate all your help.” The little dude says as he waves goodbye.

“No problemo…Just out here being a friend. You take care now…Frankie,”  Clayton smirks.

And with a leap and a flap of those big red wings the dragon and Clayton Hero Walter were off and the little dude was left to continue his journey. Before moving forward, he reaches back into that trusty cargo pocket of his and pulls out his smartphone.

‘So Mike & Amy….what do you guys think about Frankie?’ He texts.

(to be continued)