Eager and composed yet anxious and daunted; these words best explain my demeanor as my tawny stained and worn laces scraped the flat of 280 Wall Street in Kingston, N.Y.  for what would be the third time, but the first time as DragonSearch’s newest member; the Intern, or as I like to call it, the Apprentice. An apprenticeship seems so much more rewarding than an internship. The word intern seems cruel. It seems angry. I guess this is why one definition for an intern is to restrict to or confine within prescribed limits as a prisoner. But after having survived my first week here at DragonSearch, I feel little like a prisoner. I feel welcomed. Everyone seems to be willing to teach me; I feel like an apprentice.

This story is worlds of more interesting than what meets the first few lines. It begins with an impatient undergraduate student (that being me of course), incensed with retail, at his laptop in diligent pursuit of something more. As he sifts through the inter-web in seek of purpose, of meaning, he stumbles upon an ad on Hudson Valley Help Wanted. It is there where he first came into contact with DragonSearch.

And now I drop the “he” and speak as “I”…

Although a novice in social media and marketing in general I felt if given a chance to interview I would shine. It was there that I was very wrong. Having failed miserably in the sit down with Ric Dragon, it was no surprise when I caught the “you don’t fit the bill” speech. With this being said I went home, sat down at my desk, and chalked it up as a lesson learned. But I still wanted to at least thank Ric for his time and possibly establish a connection for the future, and therefore I blogged. A few days after blogging, April 30th to be exact, I realized that chances of Ric reading my blog without simply showing him were slim at best; so I emailed him. And at about three strokes after noon on Monday, May 3rd my inbox grew by one. Interested in his opinion I opened it without delay but was caught by surprise when rather than just saying he enjoyed my blog Ric offered me a position as an intern. It was then that I realized that hard work and initiative can stretch for miles when it comes to branding yourself. And because of this I come forth as DragonSearch’s newest member – the intern, the apprentice.

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