A journalist recently brought up Lisa Illichmann’s blog – that it was so highly regarded. 

Illichmann’s  blogging illustrates three major components of successful blogging:

  1. Discipline – Lisa set a goal of herself to write a new story every week for a year, come hell or high water.  And she stuck to it.  Now, when Lisa started, she hadn’t even done very much writing, and in no way considered herself a writer.  But she stuck with it.
  2. Genuine – Now that the world has become overrun with social media experts, there is a lot of writing out there being done for the sake of getting clients or to get a job.  In the best blogs, you never get that sense.  Instead, you get the feeling that the blogger is writing about what they care about.
  3. Personal enough – Let’s face it; we’ve been in the nascence of the social media revolution.  Many of us didn’t have the internet when we were kids, much less Facebook.  So it isn’t so  unreasonable that a lot of people fear for their privacy.  Savvy bloggers, though, have developed another sensibility that is neither private nor public, but somewhere in between.  It’s where the writer can be revealing enough that the reader can identify with their experiences, yet not so much to be embarrassed for them

How can a blog can get better results – and I’d suppose that better results would be that more people find it relevant, and perhaps even leave comments or retweets, or blog about it.  My own recommendation is that you set up a blog reader (like Google Reader) and follow ten to twenty blogs. With Google Reader, I can see when new posts have been added to my favorite blogs, and go and read those posts.  When I read something that moves me to comment, I do so.   By doing this, you’ll find yourself part of other blogger’s communities.  Many of those readers will jump the fence and read your blog.  And so on.  In other words, create a community.

My last blog post had some other tips for social media fitness that work with this notion.

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