With most of the vintage ads we have written about, we have disagreed with what the ad is saying, or trying to portray. I’ve always been one to go against popular opinion and this ad about television and children from Motorola is no exception. Being practically raised by television, I completely agree with Motorola that television can benefit your children. Besides, who doesn’t want the best? This ad says that when you own a Motorola, “you know you own the best.”

motorola television ad with benefits of television for children

What are the Benefits of Television?

I was a nanny for a short period of my life in a home where the children were not allowed to watch television at all. This of course created a craving for watching all the television that they possibly could when their parents weren’t looking. Children have a lot of questions about things that sometimes you cannot answer on your own. Yes, we have the internet and we could explore a lot of answers through Google, but daily questions of “how is a saxophone made?” or “why do I have to turn off the water when I brush my teeth?” are much better answered by Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street. In fact, those are two questions that I actually did know the answer to because I grew up watching so much television.

I’m not sure I agree when Motorola asserts that “TV can mean better behavior at home and better marks in school” but it may have had something to do with my school years. Watching the television, just like reading can take you to many places that you might never be able to go. It introduces you to new ways of life and new ideas that you might have never thought of.

Children and Television

Am I saying that children should be watching TV 24/7? Of course I’m not, even though I don’t always practice what I preach… especially on weekends when watching entire seasons of 30 Rock. Still, everything should be in moderation.

Check out this list of reasons why TV is good for kids and be sure to let me know your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.