in the afterglow of the hudson valley technology talent meet-up

Dragon360 & 33Oxclove’s geeky tech party!

Well.. not really… officially what we did was “Invite Local Hudson Valley Internet Marketers, Web and  Graphic Designers, and Web Programmers to Talent Meet-Up” as a way to meet more local people in the area that shared skills that are important to both DragonSearch and 33Oxclove as we both continue to grow.

successful technology talent meet-up

I am pretty sure we all came away thinking that it was a pretty great event! For one, between staff and guests, we pretty much filled the rotunda of the Hudson Valley Coffee Traders. People were milling and chatting about drinking beer from Keegans and snacking on yummy cheeses and snacks from the café. Consider that we all came together to talk about work, it was really relaxed and fun.

Of course, I wasn’t under the gun, so I was free to have a good time and socialize; after all, social media is my niche…

great feedback from the tech talent meet-up

It was good to know that it wasn’t only folks from the Dragon360/ 33Oxclove teams that we pleased with the outcome. The feedback we have received from attendees has been really encouraging as well. Says one attendee:

“….that the atmosphere was relaxed and inviting. We thought it was totally refreshing being able to mingle with everyone, talking freely without feeling anxious over meeting people from either Dragon360 or 33 Oxclove. The fact everyone actually got to know us as a real person, rather than be regarded as a number in a stack of resumes on a desk ….”

And then we had more positive feedback on our Facebook page wall:

 “…had a good time with good people from Dragon360 at Hudson Coffee Traders. It was a good experience to meet new people and learn about exciting and interesting details about something I’ve never heard of. Plus, this was the only “interview” that I was ever able to drink a beer at. They really know how to understand the real you and I appreciate everything that happened today…”

It was great to meet new people who shared the same passions for online and programming work as we do. We sat in the conference room today and split the paperwork into piles depending on whether they seemed more suited for Dragon360 or 33Oxclove.  We hope that in the future we will be expanding our teams with some folks!

Here are some candid scenes from the evening.  We’ll be posting these on our Facebook page too, so come on over and “like” Dragon360 and tag yourself if you were there!

And let us know what you thought of the event if you would please. What did you like? What do you think we should have done differently? Was it what you expected?

A big Thank You! to all who came and we hope to speak to you again soon! Except for these two… wow…. thank goodness they didn’t fill out any paperwork!

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