Sadly, we SEOs do not have enough in terms of insider jokes that we can be proud of, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a special batch of us who aren’t trying!  Let’s face it:  When you’re in any industry long enough, you become engrossed in all kinds of new concepts and jargon that you can create humorous relationships among.  Of course, only certain people will understand these abstruse, short, but clean jokes, yet that fact is where half the humor lies; for you are then certain of your being an elite SEO nerd.

There exist some clever websites which contribute valiantly to the SEO funny joke cause and this post is by no means an effort to regurgitate or compete with their valuable input.  I am going to strike out on my own and create a list of utterly preposterous jokes that attempt to bridge the gap between the worlds of SEO and non-SEO humor.

SEO Jokes for Everyone

You ready?  Here we go:

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“White hat.”

“White hat who?”

“White hat SEO.”



 What do you call a conversation with someone that doesn’t influence your opinion of him/her in any way?  A nofollow conversation!

 What do you call a word or phrase which directly links to a certain thought(s) in your mind?  Anchor text!

 “Don’t Guy Kawasaki me bro.” (Thanks Andrew)

“So I hear you do SEO.”

“That’s right.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been in the field for over a decade.”

“You must know a lot about Google then.”


Now that you see what the standard is, definitely do not be shy about suggesting your own in the comments.  I believe you will be hard pressed to come up with jokes that set the bar even lower; but then again, maybe you can.

If only it were that simple....

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