social media archiving with socialsafe: more than a backup tool

It was my very first week as an agency man; my spirits were high and I was soaking in the mind-blowing marketing magic that was happening around me. As the emails slowly trickled into my shinny new email account, a message came in asking me to test out SocialSafe, a social media management tool that allows users to archive their data. “Make sure you take lots of notes, you’ll be writing a blog post,” the email read. “Dude, you are so screwed,” I thought to myself. I had no idea that such products existed and now I had to figure out how to use one. I’m an agency guy, so how could I have not known about social media archiving? I calmed down and thought through it; our web properties are just as important as and no less vulnerable than the documents stored anywhere else. The harsh burn of document loss has been felt by many, so why do we treat our web properties differently? With Twitter recently turning 6 years old, many of us have a startling amount of data within the social sphere that is simply housed on the servers of our beloved social networks. With the ability to backup connections, photos, and interactions, SocialSafe is the set-it-and-forget-it tool that allows users to keep control over their online personae.

Simple Social Media Archiving

The SocialSafe Dashboard


We were selected to help test the beta version of the recently released 5.2 of SocialSafe, and have been doing so for a few weeks. The setup was quick and simple. After selecting the social networks I wanted to have backed up and entering my login information, the desktop interface took about 30 minutes to pull data from the DragonSearch profile and fan pages on Facebook, Twitter account and G+ profile, as well as the Facebook page for the Dragon Search Online Marketing Manual. Users can backup Viado and LinkedIn, with the ability to access other social networks in the near future. I took the setup opportunity to schedule updates for different days and times, and found SocialSafe surprising me weekly when it updated without any prompts form me – high fives all around!

Once your data is backed up and living happily on your hard drive, you can toggle between viewing individual files and viewing your backup as a digital journal.

The journal view is like a scrap book for the millennial, combining all of your social networks into one clean window that is easy to navigate. You can see your accounts in a larger view, or slice and dice by date, network, update type or category. For those who love to geek out with Excel, users can export text into a CSV file, or .ZIP photos.

Social Media Management Tools

View comments, likes, tags and photos from within SocialSafe

I occasionally suffer from social media overload. Paying attention to what is happening over multiple social networks can be challenging no matter what monitoring tools I use. I found oodles of value in being able to easily gather my likes, interactions, and find photo-bombers from within the program:

Comments, likes and tags a photo receives are easily seen to relive precious moments.

I also appreciated that all links were live within the SocialSafe interface, which allowed me to see the original content a follower shared.

Links are live from within the SocialSafe dashboard





Within a few minutes I was able to review all of the events that made up DragonSearch’s social media week.

SocialSafe: Beyond the Basics

After playing with SocialSafe for a while, I started to wonder how it could be used to provide insights on our networks. The data that Facebook provides has been getting better and the new analytics Google is rolling out seems promising, but what could I learn that I didn’t know before?

View your archived data quickly and easily

Looking at our accounts in file view, a few reports caught my eye. It’s one thing to have a large number of fans but identifying our most active fans could be useful in a number of ways:

Identify your most active fans using SocialSafe

The most active DragonSearch fans

Identify new followers, lost followers and reciprocating followers









From rewarding a brand’s most passionate fans to reciprocating friendships, or even finding a big fat juicy link-building opportunity, I value knowing who’s on our Magic School Bus.

There is also enormous value in identifying who is a new follower, and those who have decided it’s time to find a new surfing spot and moved on.

A list of lost followers provides an opportunity to analyze why they left, and determine how a company could have better engaged with them. SocialSafe doesn’t tell you the why, but it signals the chance to reach out and ask, dig a little deeper and learn. You may not get a second chance to turn them into raving fans, but you may learn some actionable insights that will better develop a social media strategy.

Internet Privacy Issues

Data ownership and internet privacy have become hot topics. SocialSafe has a clear privacy policy on who owns what. They collect non-personal information about your visit to their website (all websites do, but rarely tell you); however, they state explicitly: “SocialSafe does NOT collect personally identifiable, sensitive, personal or financial information.” Your information and the data that you backup is clearly yours.

In the end, I’m glad I was given the opportunity to test SocialSafe. As I worked with the program I increasingly saw enormous value in backing up years of accumulated work scattered around the internet’s social haunts and the insights gained. With account levels ranging from Free to $6.99 per year, Social Safe is worth a spin if you are looking for a social media backup tool.

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