Hello once again everybody! As part of our ongoing evolution here at DragonSearch we’ve decided to do something a little bit more fun and different for those of you traveling through the search engine marketing universe.  Every Wednesday I shall be portraying various social media issues through the medium of illustration. This will be better known as our “Social Media Whiteboard Wednesdays”

How did this come to fruition?

Well, I just happened to doodle one of my characters onto our company whiteboard one day after work. The character is a sort of an alien creature I suppose which also bears a t-shirt that reads “Market This”.  My fellow dragon Clayton Walter noticed it and came up with the idea of a weekly cartoon that would depict social media content relevant to that week.  The cartoon I drew this week depicts the recent launch of Facebook Places and how Foursquare might actually feel about it despite their positive feedback in interviews. What are your feelings about this and do you think Facebook Places will either have a positive or negative effect on your life?

If you want to learn more about Facebook Places and how it’s might play out into the future then you should read Allison Teetsel’s recent post about the drama between Facebook Places and Foursquare on the DragonSearch internet marketing blog.  Until next time everyone, adios.