Welcome again to another edition of “Social Media Whiteboard Wednesdays”. This week we’re looking at the recent discussions between YouTube and major movie studios. Dragonsearch’s John Lavin discussed this issue in full detail yesterday on the DragonSearch Internet Marketing Blog but today we’re going to imagine a future where pay-per-view on YouTube already exists. Already more and more people turn to their computers for movies and television shows rather than the actual television. More importantly everyone and their mothers watch YouTube religiously whether they’re watching a teenager fall off a trampoline or watching a Discovery Channel piece. It just seems like a natural transition for YouTube to incorporate Hollywood movies.

My Prediction

In the not so distant future we will not even bother taking the car out to Blockbuster. Instead, we’ll sit in the same place all day and watch the latest Hollywood hits with a few clicks of our mouse. Why? Because it’s comfortable and easy. Heck, why would you want to move when your refrigerator and bathroom are so close? The film studios will have to come up with new ways to get people out to the theater. Blockbuster and Redbox will need to become even more innovative, as people find it more and more inconvenient to leave the comfort of their couches. Oh and Don’t forget about DVDs either. We will banish those from our homes as quickly as we did with VHS tapes. DVDs will become the latest bulk item at yard sales that older generations will collect and build towers of in their living rooms! Then again…… maybe yard sales will be extinct at this point and time as well! Is this starting to sound a little farfetched? If so, I apologize but take the time to consider the future of YouTube and streaming blockbusters from Hollywood. Will the previews be longer? Will you be able to skip them? Will paid advertisements interject in the middle of the movie? Will the cost of the movie be a substantially wiser choice than pay-per-view on television? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.