Oh Apple….You dreamed big. You dared to boldly go where other social networks have already gone. You said “Screw this. I want a piece of the social network pie to!” and you have followed through ever so gracefully like a swan. Oh wait….not really. Looks like you overlooked a detail that any social network has already taken into consideration and acted upon: SPAM! No, not the weird meat product that comes in a can, the other spam.

White Board Ping Spam

People We Recommend You Spam

I’m going to keep this kind of brief. It is terribly surprising that Apple, a computer world titan, didn’t consider spam when designing Ping. Social networks are a breeding ground for spammers. I mean, come on, it’s the new frontier. Social media is the new wave that everyone’s surfing. Millions of potential consumers use social media. It should have been a no brainer on Apple’s part to set up spam filtering on their brand new social network that hype man, Steve Jobs unveiled to the world.

Soon after Ping’s launch, spam began appearing in the comment feeds of some of your favorite recording artists. Whether it’s Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or Coldplay, you will most likely see a thread of comments offering you free iPhones or iPads. In my previous DragonSearch Blog entry You Say “Ping” and I Say “Pong”, I had mentioned that Ping had a while to go before they could rank up there with the more popular social networks like Facebook or MySpace. The recent flood of spam only supports this notion and Ping has already lost a good portion of its allure. They still have a chance to be a contender if they fix the spam issue….like now. Otherwise you can start engraving their epitaph on a tombstone. Ok, maybe not. I just really wanted to mention something about a tombstone in my blog entries. Ping’s future might not be so bleak but this issue definitely deserves a wag of the index finger and a “Tisk tisk.”
Again, Ping has a while to go if it decides to go anywhere besides the way of the buffalo. My question is, what features could Ping incorporate to better itself as a social network? More importantly, what actions should Apple take to prevent Ping’s extinction?
Have you tried Ping yet? If so, do you have a spam story you would like to share?