So everyone has probably heard about Google Instant by now. John Lavin wrote about his experience on our internet marketing blog. Yes, as you type in your search you receive real time results for it. Yes, it can be considered either really annoying or very helpful. What you may not know about are the certain search terms that are blocked from Google Instant. Certain terms are blocked, I assume, because Google finds them to be offensive. Some of these terms I can understand being blocked, which I will not mention here, but other terms just leave you saying “Really, Google!? Why is this blocked!?”

Instant Lesbian

Here at the DragonSearch office, we found that terms such as “hate crime” and “lesbian” were blocked through Google Instant. Taken out of context, is the term “hate crime” offensive to the general online community? Perhaps I was writing a paper for a college course that was based around hate crimes and the psychological behavior that is behind such actions. What then? Furthermore, it boggles my mind that the term “lesbian” is blocked. Jordan Rubenstein over at wrote a truly amazing piece about this and I highly recommend reading it.

Now although everyone here at DragonSearch and I’m sure many other places, are bewildered and aggravated by this, I chose to draw a more humorous whiteboard picture today. Laughter is the best medicine, they say This picture, using one of my signature characters, depicts those who might be angered by vacancy of search results for “porn”. I hope you all enjoy and if you have thoughts pertaining to Google Instant, then please do share.