Social Media Metrics & Purchase Intent

For quite some time, the DragonSearch team has been stressing the value of social media campaigns for lifting consumer awareness and purchase intent. We’ve also tried to provide solid analysis and metrics without being self-serving in the process.

E-Marketer Research

On January 4, a respected market research firm, E-Marketer, released a brief that shows the ROI from well planned and executed social media campaigns in support of brands. The numbers are impressive. Before exposure to campaigns, fewer than four in ten consumers being tracked were advocates recommending the product.  After the campaign, the number was sixty-one percent, a more than fifty percent increase.   A year after exposure to the campaign, advocacy had hardly declined; fifty-five percent of respondents still recommended the product.

bar graph showing social media metrics

Better still is the actual purchase decision data. Before the campaign, thirty-eight percent were committed to purchase, about the same as the advocacy number. After exposure to the campaign, the purchase intent percentage leaped to sixty-nine percent, and declined only to sixty-one percent after a year.

The particular study is for CPG brands, and your own results may vary, based in part on the quality of your campaign. Of course, that’s what we’re about here at DragonSearch – integrating your online marketing strategy. But the ROI cited in this study is powerful evidence that professional social media marketing is one of your best tools to improve brand awareness, loyalty and sales. This tool will push the revenue higher in a way that would make Archimedes proud.

You can find the study here: